Over-packaging of cosmetics requires cooling

In recent years, the excessive packaging of commodities is very serious. The products include cigarettes, wine, tea, cosmetics and other commodities. A lot of product packaging materials use plastic, metal, silk, paper wood, etc., layer-by-layer packaging, which is a waste of materials and has a bad impact on the environment.

Although product packaging is now important, the circulation of commodities is even more so. Moderate packaging of cosmetics can appear delicate, beautiful, and elegant, and more attractive to consumers. However, some manufacturers distorted their product packaging. Like the tea box, the product is less than 500 grams, but the packaging uses wood, leather cases and cartons, which greatly increases the price.

Such product packaging is of no use to the product itself. Instead, it will cause a lot of garbage and waste a lot of resources. Most of the products are used to give gifts, and over-packed products will become props for various corrupt people. Endanger people's health.  

Faced with excessive packaging in the packaging market, effective measures need to be taken. Solving the problem of over-packaging abroad is worth learning. For example, the circular economy law enacted by Germany should include the obligations of production, operation and recycling in the law. The packaging must have a green mark. After purchasing and using, consumers can use the green mark to prevent garbage into a professional green recycling bin, and then recycle it through a special recycling company. Pay for packaging sales, production, and recycling difficulty. In this way, in order to save production costs, cosmetic packaging companies will inevitably no longer over-package cosmetic packaging, which is not only conducive to resource conservation, but also facilitates waste recycling and protects the environment.

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